The chalet, a mountain dwelling, often associated with holidays, well-being, relaxation, luxury and nature. This type of property is used mainly in mountainous areas as a dwelling to protect itself but also to stay in harmony with its environment.

The Haute-Savoie, a region of France known for its mountains and its many ski slopes is home to a large number of cottages, so it is natural that we find luxury chalet for sale in France.

The chalet between authenticity and luxury 

Built from natural elements, the wooden chalets are typical mountain dwellings inspired by their environment, and respectful of its balance, it is an ecological material that combines warmth, comfort and authenticity.

The wood of chalet constructions allows them to blend in with the landscape and thus not to distort it as could be done by more traditional concrete constructions, this is a way of doing things that visually respects nature. The wood is also there to remind the natural side, authentic since it is a naturally present resource.

It is a solid element that withstands the passage of time, it does not rust, it ages with time, and requires little maintenance.

The wood can make it possible to build the whole chalet from the ground to the roof through the walls, the wooden logs interlock with each other which guarantees the insulation and which makes it possible not to lose the heat of the inside. The wood is the flagship of the cottages, it must be strong to keep the entire structure and protect the home from all kinds of weather.

To be closer to the customer demand, the chalets are usually made-to-measure, according to the customer’s requests, the size of the living room, the number of bedrooms, bathroom and especially according to its use. it is a primary or secondary residence, or if you want to make it a prestige property.

The made-to-measure is what makes it a luxurious good in addition to the quality of the materials used and the interior decoration. The cottage is often seen as a luxury property but it can be affordable and used as a main home.

A chalet, reasonable investment? 

A wooden chalet is a cost that can’t be neglected, this is a long-term investment whether to live there for the year, for holidays or as a rental investment. The purchase of such a property is usually done with the help of a mortgage that can be accompanied by a contribution, the purchase price can be standard that is to say equivalent to the price of a classic concrete house but it can also quickly go upmarket depending on the quality of materials and interior design.

This purchase combines both rental profitability and allows to acquire a substantial property portfolio. You will find an exceptional property in an idyllic setting where you can stay during your ski holidays.

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